Welcome to Test Lab, Inc.
Experts in Geotechnical & Materials Engineering,
Testing & Inspections Since 1972

Founded in 1972, Test Lab, Inc. (Test Lab) is a multi-disciplined organization of engineers, geologists, field and laboratory technicians, and support personnel, who combine their technical capabilities, past experience, dedication and enthusiasm to provide quality engineering services to our clients. Being a full service consulting firm, we provide Geotechnical Engineering, Construction Materials Engineering and Testing, and Construction Inspection. Since its inception, Test Lab has provided practical engineering solutions on over 11,000 projects for industrial and commercial clients, architects, engineers, developers and governmental agencies.

We understand the cost implications of field work in an increasingly competitive environment and work with our clients to develop evaluation and testing programs that provide the information needed at a practical cost. We do this by balancing the extent of the field and laboratory testing programs to address the specifics of the project and the project budget.

To ensure quality project deliverables to our clients, our QA/QC review process includes oversight by our senior engineers with over 120 combined years of technical and practical experience. We maintain laboratory and field quality control by utilizing standard procedures developed and maintained by our engineering staff that provide specific direction and oversight to the technical staff.

Our projects consist of public infrastructure, residential developments, educational facilities, medical facilities, petrochemical complexes, chain stores, transportation, commercial development, industrial facilities, port and harbor facilities, aviation, high rise and low rise buildings.

Test Lab understands how critical safety is to our employees, their families and our clients. Safety is a major component to the services we provide to our clients. Our current insurance experience modifier rating (EMR) is at 0.94. An EMR of less than one is considered an excellent rating and is one of the key indicators of a successful safety management program.